Creating an eco-friendly, toxin-free home

Having an eco-friendly space goes hand-in-hand with reducing toxins in your home. In this article will give you tips to easily reduce toxins in your home, while making more eco-friendly choices in the process. With many of us spending more time at home now than ever, it is so crucial to ensure your space is contributing to the health of you and your loved ones, rather than deteriorating it. And hey, it helps the Earth, too!

Have you ever thought of what is in your household cleaner? Take a look at the ingredients, and you’ll find that its packed full of chemicals, artificial scents, and disturbing health warnings. If the ingestion of a cleaning product results in a hospital visit, do you really want to spread that around your entire home? We know we don’t!

Your skin is your biggest organ – it absorbs absolutely everything around you, including whats in the air and placed on your skin. This comes in the form of air fresheners, chemical cleaners on kitchen or bathroom surfaces, or laundry detergent your clothes.

Almost all mainstream household air fresheners, cleaners and detergents contain harmful chemicals. The alternatives are natural, simple products that do not harm your body. These toxin-free solutions are absolutely key in making your home environmentally friendly, as everything you wash down the drain goes directly into our lakes, rivers and oceans, polluting the earth. Using these products will reduce your impact on the earth and our

Continue reading below for some of AHHC’s favourite products in this first instalment of our toxin free series.

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1. The All-Natural Enzymatic Cleaner for Stains and Odours

If you’re going to start anywhere, start here. Ditch the stain remover and chemical-smelling air freshener. This all-natural, non-toxic, safe cleaner concentrate is as good as it gets when it comes to natural cleaners. Rest assured, it work like a charm, but the benefits to your health and home are even better. This product uses natural enzymes that permanently breaks down stains and odours upon contact. That means no more spraying toxic air fresheners that you ingest in your home. This product is safe for kids and pets, and outperforms chemical cleaners for cleaning tough stains out of clothes, upholstery, and removing unwanted scents (yes, we’re looking at you, pets).

The best part about this product, is that you’ll actually save money. Because this product is a concentrate, you will mix one bottle of the All-Natural Enzymatic Concentrate into 16 spray bottles of water. This equals 16 bottles of the full strength chemical cleaners you buy from the store.

We give this product the environmental stamp of approval because its completely toxin free, chemical free, and safe for use. Flushing this down the drain will do no harm to the environment, and that’s something we will get behind.

We love this brand because they offer a 60-day money back guarantee. No risk here – to your wallet or your health! Click here to try this one out. Your lungs and skin will thank you.

Reviewer from website: “This stuff is AWESOME. It’s way better than I was expecting… this one takes the cake. No strong odour… and because it’s a natural product I don’t worry that my dog will be affected. Highly recommend!” – Tainah Susini

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2. Laundry matters.

Are you still washing your clothes with cleaners that are toxic to humans, and then flushing it away to poor Mother Earth? (surprised face!!) Well let us be the first to tell you – that it’s EASY and SIMPLE to make a few changes to drastically impact your ecological footprint, as well as steer clear of wearing chemical remnants all day long.

First, we present to you, Tru Earth Eco Strips! It is a tiny strip of ultra-concentrated laundry detergent with ultra cleaning power. 1 strip = 1 load. For the price of a box of tide pods (don’t get us started with these toxic-packs), you can get 64 loads worth of environmentally-friendly, toxin-free laundry detergent. It is totally the way of the future. These tiny strips are simple, easy to store, and have MEGA impact:

Phosphate free



Fragrance free

1,4-dioxane free

What more could you possibly want?

For the price of a box of tide pods, you can get 64 loads worth of environmentally friendly, toxin-free laundry detergent.

What stood out to us at AHHC is the warning on this product – if it is accidentally ingested, do not rush to the hospital. It simply says to wash it down with water, and contact a physician (as you should if a child ingests anything out of the ordinary!).

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative, and something with a great environmental impact, you’ve found your product. Buy them here.

Second up, your dryer sheets and fabric softener. We are sorry to tell you, but these guys are ALSO full of chemicals. A common misconception is that the fragrance free times are less toxic – WRONG. All the chemicals you are trying to avoid are still in there – they’ve had to add additional substances to cover up the chemical smell, actually. Crazy, right?

Here’s a safe, natural alternative that we use at home, and we’ve never turned back. And yes, even in winter, it reduces the static cling just as well as any dryer sheet.

The Moss Creek Organic Wool Dryer Balls are by far our favourite brand of dryer balls to replace dryer sheets and fabric softener. Not only do the clothes come out fresh, but I can literally feel the difference on my skin. The brand says that is good for babies, but our skin doesn’t become less absorbent once we reach adulthood. At the AHHC we say if its good for babies, its good for adults. For example, I used to break out with acne and my skin reacted in hives from every product out there – but after using these dryer balls that is a thing of the past. Try these out, and thank us later.

That’s all for our first instalment of the eco-friendly, toxin free home. Check back soon for more updates, tricks and tips.



Comparing The Ordinary products – pros, cons and which is best for you.

The Ordinary. This brand has taken the skincare world by storm, and for good reason. The Ordinary boasts clinically proven formulas, backed by advanced biochemistry, and the best part – it’s a completely affordable brand that works to solve your skincare issues. Look not far to find glowing reviews from its customers.

The Ordinary has SO many products. It can be hard to decipher what is best for your skin. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. This post reviews 4 of the most popular Ordinary products that we personally use. We will lists the benefits, preferred skin type, and examines the result you can expect after 3+ weeks of use. Remember, that with these type of oils, you may get the purging effect (a few weeks where all the gunk from your skin comes out in the form of small blemishes). But hold out and I promise you will not look back.

All of the Ordinary products are free of parabens, sulphates, animal oils, and do not test on animals, which we at AHHC love.

Up first…

Mandelic acid 10% + HA

This one is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin and is perfect for your nighttime routine. As a gentle serum, it will seem oily at first application but within a few minutes it soaks into the skin to enhance your natural glow. If you have acne, this acid does a great job of subtly peeling away the dead skin and release impurities that cause acne. For those with acne scars or dark spots, this one is for you. Make sure you use a daily sunscreen if you are using this product.


+ notice an immediate glow

+ targets uneven tone

+ fixes textural irregularities

+ reduces fine lines

+ softer skin

+ reduce acne


– makes skin more sensitive to sunlight

– it is an acid, so may increase already dry skin

Best for: sensitive skin, all skin types

After 3+ weeks you can expect an improved glowing complexion, softened lines around eyes (crows feet), mouth, and forehead, lightening of dark spots and diminished appearance of acne scars.

Next up…

Alpha Arbutin 10% + HA

This serum is perfect for your morning routine, or evening, or both. It is a concentrated serum so you can expect to see results, and fast – like within 2 weeks. This is the stuff you want if you have uneven skin tone, dark spots, or hyper pigmentation.


+ fast results

+ no “purging” effect

+ creates even skin tone

+ reduces hyper pigmentation


– stay consistent for long term results

– can be oily on the skin

Best for: all skin types

After 3+ weeks (or in some cases, 2 weeks) you’ll find your skin is more even coloured with any hyper pigmentation spots (sun spots) lessened. Stay consistent with this product.

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

Hello moisture! If you suffer from dry skin, this one is for you. This product offers multi-depth hydration by using a 3 hyaluronic acid complexes that soak into the skin efficiently. The added vitamin B5 makes skin soft and helps to reduce inflammation that can stimulates skin healing. This product is so good, that many of The Ordinary’s other products include a small amount of HA for added moisture. But if you’re in need of moisture, we say – go to the source! The PERFECT solution for winter dryness.


+ hydrates skin at every layer

+ fuller, healthier looking skin

+ glowing skin

+ stimulates healing after a breakout


We can’t really think of any! This solution isn’t for reduction of acne, mostly moisture. Vitamin B5 will help with breakout after-effects

Best for: dry skin, and all skin types.

After 3+ weeks you will find your skin to be more plump, fully hydrated and oh so baby soft. Use it in the morning and night. You will discover a glow that you’ve tried to get from other products, but they just didn’t cut it. Do yourself and your skin a favour and get this product. It often sells out so get it while its stocked.

and last but certainly not least..

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

This product has to be our favourite and comes highly recommended. This was in such high demand that The Ordinary now makes a 60 mL bottle (yay!!). This is THE serum you’ll want if you have acne or congested skin. The niacinamide and zinc combination is a high strength vitamin and mineral formula that reduces the look of blemishes and skin irregularities and is perfect to use alongside your usual skin treatments. Use as spot treatment or daily to control breakouts before they start. To get its full benefit, it is recommended to put this product on your skin first before any other creams or formulas.


+ control breakouts

+ balance natural oil production

+ reduce acne

+ can be used as spot treatment

+ brightening effect


– not to be used with vitamin C topical treatments

– skin may get worse before it gets better

– can lead to dry skin. Use a moisturizer

Best for: acne prone and oily skin

After 3+ weeks you’ll have passed the “purge” stage – congratulations! It is TOTALLY worth it and your skin is now cleared of impurities. You’ll notice a reduction in acne, clearer skin, and an even skin tone. Breakouts will be reduced in number and size.

– – –

These are products that we have personally tested and love. We use these products daily in our skincare routine and will happily vouch for them. Good luck with your skincare journey, from us at the At Home Health Cooperative

Drop us a like or comment if this article was useful to you!

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Last-minute, healthy game day snacks

With only 5 minutes preparation each, these crowd-pleasing Super Bowl snacks will be eaten up before anyone will realize they are healthy!

Its the long-awaited Super Bowl! And it doesn’t matter if you’re a football fan or not, you know that game day means spending time on the couch and vegging out. Try these quick, easy, and most importantly, healthy game day snacks will have everyone wanting more.

  1. The quick version of buffalo cauliflower wings

Buffalo cauliflower bites have caused quite the scene lately – and for good reason! They are absolutely delicious and a great substitute for chicken wings. This recipe is low-carb, nutritious, and vegan! The popular recipes you’ll find are great, but they are time consuming and require many steps. This is the cheat version of that recipe, for when time is short and appetites are large. You’ll want to get your hands on this recipe, stat!


1 head cauliflower

1/4 cup buffalo or hot sauce

2 tbsp coconut or vegetable oil

2 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp paprika

salt and pepper to taste

Instructions: Heat oven to 450°F (230°C). Line baking sheet with parchment paper.

Break the cauliflower into florets (about 1 inch bites) and place in large bowl. Toss them in oil and then place in pre-heated oven for 20 minutes, flipping half way. You want to cauliflower to be crispy when its done.

While the cauliflower is roasting, create the sauce by mixing together the remainder of the ingredients. Once cauliflower is crispy, in the same bowl used before, toss the cauliflower in the hot sauce combination. Place in over again for another 10-15 minutes, while the hot sauce crisps onto the cauliflower. Use the Broil setting for the last 1-2 minutes, carefully watching to avoid burning.

And voila! What is usually a 30 minute preparation, is now only 5 minutes of preparation, with a final product that is just as delicious. Serve with carrot sticks, celery, and your favourite ranch dressing.

2. Mouthwatering stuffed mushroom caps

These are SO GOOD and way too easy. You will get compliments on them every time, guaranteed! But there is a secret to these bad boys.. they take under 5 minutes to prepare!! Its a quick and easy dish you can make on the go to impress your friends and family, while sneaking in a healthy does of mushrooms – mushrooms are a low-calorie source of protein, fibre, and antioxidants and can reduce inflammation and risk of diabetes and heart disease.

There are 2 main ingredients, and thats it.


500 g of whole, brown mushroom caps

8 oz (1 package) of herb & garlic cream cheese

2 tbsp olive oil

Instructions: Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C) and line baking sheet with parchment paper.

Wash mushrooms and with a spoon or your hands, remove the stem of the mushrooms so you are only left with the caps. Keep the stems and dice them up finely.

Toss the mushroom caps in oil and line the baking sheet with the caps, tops down.

In a bowl, mix together the cream cheese and diced stems. This will be a great filling. But you can get as creative as you want – mix in diced garlic, cayenne pepper, jalapeño, paprika, onion – you name it!

Scoop the cream cheese into the mushroom caps until they are filled – the amount will depend on the size of the mushrooms.

Bake for 20 minutes, or until you can see liquid pooling under the caps. Let cool and serve immediately.

Quick tips: for best results use brown cremini mushrooms. And for a healthier dish, use low or fat-free cream cheese.

marble countertop with a plate of carrots

3. Five-minute homemade hummus

Store bought hummus just won’t compare once you try homemade hummus. Your guests will immediately taste the difference and the creativity you have with hummus is endless. Here is a basic recipe that takes only 5 minutes, and you can add your own flare, too (did someone say jalapeño and mushrooms?). You will need a food processor or blender for this recipe.


1 can (15-oz) of chickpeas

1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice (1 large lemon)

1/4 cup of tahini

(no tahini? just omit it)

2 cloves garlic

2 tbsp olive oil

Dash of salt, pepper, paprika to taste

Instructions: Rinse chick peas, side aside.

In food processor, whip together the tahini and lemon juice until smooth. This will make your hummus more creamy. Add the rest of the ingredients to the food processor, a little at a time if you’re food processor is smaller. Blend to your preferred consistency, and that is it Serve with carrots, celery, or roasted tortilla.

If you want to add anything extra, like mushrooms or roasted red pepper, I suggest mixing half of the mushrooms or red pepper into the food processor with the rest of the ingredients for a consistent flavour, and top the finished product with some of the whole items. This makes it look extra fancy! For a more simplified elegance, roast some salted chickpeas in the oven at 350°C until crispy and display them atop your hummus.

– – –

So sit back, enjoy the game with these time-saving tricks to the game day favourites. And, ditch those guilty feelings of overindulgence and have as much of these healthy alternatives as you want!

Happy munching!

Leave us a comment to let us know how you liked these recipes.

As always,

The (hungry) staff at At Home Health Cooperative.

Keeping your hair healthy during quarantine

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In a perfect world, we would have frizz free, perfectly styled, and freshly dyed hair every day. Of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth of what we’re all experiencing right now during covid-19; dead ends, inches of roots, and frizz that just won’t quit. Salons are closed, and when they open, your favourite hair stylist will be booked for weeks.

BUT – there is a bright side. Actually, a very bright side! There has never been a better time than during quarantine to give your hair a much needed break and rebuild the health of your most luxurious accessory. Below, we have some fool-proof tips and tricks to help you to keep your hair shiny, healthy, and beautiful while on lockdown. Before you know it, people will be questioning whether you’ve been dating a new stylist!

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  1. Put down the blow dryer! Yes, and the straightener too.

Can your boss really tell if your hair is a little damp on Zoom? Skip the blowdryer and any other unnecessary heat while in quarantine. The heat from a blow dryer and a hair straightener does damage to your precious locks, and your hair will thank you for a much needed break.

This can encourage you to try some new hairstyles. (I hear braids are making a comeback…) Grab a favourite scrunchie or try parting your hair at a different spot. This is the time to explore and perfect some new do’s while there are minimal of people around to witness this trial and error process.

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2. Make a 3-ingredient DIY hair mask

This mask will make you feel like that salon trip you dreamt about last night may have actually happened in real life. Seriously. This mask is unbelievable. And better yet – its made purely from ingredients already sitting in your cupboard.

This mask is absolutely effortless and nourishes your hair like no other. If you have 30 minutes – great! You’re hair will be protected for days. Or, leave it on overnight and you’re looking at two to three weeks of protected, nourished hair that is silky (like, SO silky), soft, and supple. It will have you saying – “what dead ends?”

If your hair is dull, ends are breaking, and you have uncontrollable frizz – this mask will be a life saver.


  • 2 tbsp of extra virgin coconut oil
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tbsp honey

First, melt the coconut oil over the stove. Take it off the heat, whisk in a beaten egg, then mix in the honey. Stir until it has the consistency of batter.

To apply, lightly dampen your hair. Then, section by section, massage the hair mask into your roots and massage evenly down to your ends. I like to add extra to the ends. Then, wrap your hair in a shower cap, an old t-shirt or plastic wrap and let it sit for 30 minutes. After that, rinse it out with a nourishing shampoo (you may need to rinse 2-3 times to get it all out). If you want even more benefit, leave the mask on overnight – just make sure your hair is nicely tucked into the cap so that the oil doesn’t stain your pillow case. Then rinse in the morning.

Pro collagen extra strength capsules displayed by snake plant on marble surface

3. Supplement your diet with the right vitamins

Now, this isn’t reserved for lockdown. Its important to ensure you’re getting the right amount of these vitamins and supplements all the time. But wow do these ever make a difference for your hair!

The first, is collagen. Collagen is what your body naturally produces to keep your skin’s elasticity. As we age, we produce less and less collagen, and our body can’t regenerate skin and hair cells like it used to – cue the wrinkles. But, what collagen does for our skin, it also has equally amazing benefits to our hair. Taking a daily does of collagen improves your hair’s elasticity to prevent breakage and nourish your hair. A great way to get your daily intake of collagen is a powdered collagen, like this one. Its odourless and tasteless. Some people put it in their first glass of water in the morning, and others put it in their morning tea or coffee.

Or, if you prefer a capsule, this veggie capsule collagen is our FAVOURITE (click the link to be directed to the BONUS size where you get 30 capsules for free). I’ve been using this daily for the last month and results have undeniable.

Next, and equally as important, is vitamin H, commonly known as biotin. If you want increased hair growth (and also nail growth) make sure you’re taking your biotin as it stimulates your natural keratin production. If you aren’t getting enough in your diet, it could result in hair loss and scalp issues (no thanks!). It comes in capsule form and is great not only for hair, but also for your skin and body. Biotin assists your metabolism function, too! A favourite brand is Biotin, because its vegan, non-GMO, and isn’t tested on animals. Make sure you talk with your doctor before adding or subtracting any supplements in your diet!

4. Let your hair down

And finally, if you have longer hair and like to keep it in a bun or in a pony tail, now is the time to let your hair down and let it breathe. Keeping your hair up can cause unnecessary strain to the hair follicle, resulting in hair loss or weak strands. Doing this will help your hair’s overall growth and health.

Good luck with your hair journey! Please drop a comment if you’ve tried any of these tricks and tips, and let us know how they worked.


the At Home Health Co-op

*Please note, this post uses affiliate links. That means that the At Home Health Cooperative gets a commission on any sale made from the links above, at no cost to you. Funds are filtered back into this website to bring you improved content.

Your 5 step morning routine, solved

Be more productive, happier, and healthier with this simple morning ritual.

Whether you know it or not, you have a morning routine. For some, it is hitting snooze, closing the blinds, and sleeping in until you’re rushing to get ready for work. For others, it is snapping awake only to become aware of your long to-do list and drinking litres of coffee to get through the day. But what many don’t know is that the first 30 minutes after you wake up is the MOST important time of the day. How you start your day affects your health and wellbeing, and sets you up for success, or failure.

I’ll get real with you here – I am not a morning person. I’ve accepted that about myself. I LOVE to sleep in, I love the comfort of my bed, and sometimes, the snooze button feels like my best friend. Because of that, I am not going to suggest a morning routine that isn’t realistic. This article isn’t your average “wake up with the sun at 5 A.M.” roll-your-eyes morning routine. These steps are SMALL, REALISTIC, and will DRASTICALLY IMPROVE your day. Before you know it you will see improvements in your mental health and how you tackle each day. And they take only a few minutes!

I promise, that after only a few days, you will feel the difference – body, mind, and soul.

1. Stretch. In bed is a perfectly acceptable location

This ain’t morning yoga. I am not asking for that much.

Think about it – you’re body’s been resting all night, curled up in a ball, preparing you to move. Give it what it wants!

This stretching can and will change each morning, depending on what your body wants that morning. Stay under your blanket, crawl onto the carpet, or stand up. Whatever feels best. Start with small, intuitive movements. I love to start with child’s pose, where you kneel on the floor/bed, toes together, knees spread apart, and your torso resting between your knees (Great spot for a pillow is between your knees!) If your neck is sore, roll it from side to side. If your arms feel tight, reach them above your head or touch your toes. Rub your palms and fingers, flex your toes, open and close your jaw. Whatever feels right!

Honestly, I am usually still half-asleep when I start my stretches. But once I’m done (3-5 minutes), I feel calm, centred, and ready to get out of bed.

2. Let the light in! Open the blinds

You are alive! The birds are chirping, sun is shining, and the world is waiting on you. Our bodies crave the sunlight, and nothing is better for our skin, mind, and soul to start our day with a dose of Vitamin D.

I like to fling the blinds open (dramatic-style, of course), take a deep breath, open my arms wide, and take in the sun and light. Taking this moment to actually feel the light and appreciate it makes such a difference in my mood. Some days I am inside with little light or little time to get outside, so by starting your morning like this, it makes the moments without light much more bearable.

3. Splash cold water on your face

Have you heard of cold water therapy? It is an old medicine, brought to light again in recent years as many people have become reminded of its sheer power.

Advocates for cold water therapy say that it reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, increases your energy level, boosts immunity, and can reduce feelings of depression. I’ve heard it described as adding “sparkle to your bloodstream”.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Well, not everyone wants to sit in a cold water bath, or have a cold shower, but this quick splash of cold water to your face is a fantastic way to receive some of these benefits each morning. On your morning trip to the bathroom, why not take a moment of intention to give your body a boost for the rest of the day. It will help you to be more focused and more productive throughout your day.

If you’re really interested in cold water therapy, I highly recommend Wim Hof’s (or, “The Iceman”) book, here.

4. But first… coffee WATER

When we wake up, we are SO dehydrated (ever wake up thirsty in the middle of the night? yeah). And what does coffee do?? DEHYDRATE US MORE! (And yes.. tea, too).

Do yourself a favour, and your body a favour, and make water your first drink in the morning. Lemon, or no lemon. Water is the star here. You will feel crisp, refreshed, and clear-minded, when the first thing you drink that day actually BENEFITS you, instead of sets you up for a fluctuating metabolism and energy crashes (ahem…coffee).

P.S. Did you know that the human body is approximately 60% water? Think about that. If you wake up sluggish, feeling dry and cranky, water is going to help you to be refreshed, boost your mood, and brighten your skin.

While you’re at it, stick a humidifier in your room to add moisture to your body, air, and space while you sleep. It has made a tremendous difference in my sleep quality and morning hydration. I like this one I got from amazon because it has a tray for essential oils. I love putting lavender essential oil in it.

5. Wake up to a space that makes you happy.

The last thing you want to do is wake up to a messy bedroom; wading through unfolded clothes, toys, and books just to exit your room. If this is the first thing you see and do in your day, you’re setting yourself up for a messy, cluttered, unproductive mindset.

Imagine waking up to a clean, fresh space. A flourishing, green, air-cleansing plant in the corner. All laundry is folded. The space is decorated to your liking.

Now this isn’t technically “part” of your morning, but it is absolutely something to keep in mind to keep your bedroom a space of calmness, happiness, and relaxation. By keeping the space neat, tidy, and aesthetically pleasing to you, this will set you up for a happier and more peaceful day.

Now… if you read all this and said, pssh… easy-peasy! I challenge you. Project Life Mastery does exactly that – masters at life! Stefan has a 7-day morning ritual training program. He will literally transform your morning (and if not, he will give you your money back, hassle free). Check it out here.

Did you try any of these tips? Leave us a comment to let us know how these tips worked for you and your morning routine! 🙂

Yours always and always home,

the At Home Health Cooperative

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